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Denner Packaging

Denner winery has a history with soil. It’s founder, Mr. Denner, worked with underground construction equipment before founding Denner. When it came time to redesign the labels, it seemed fitting to connect the textural qualities of the wines to the earth they come from – and the history of its namesake.


Always Good Company worked with Denner Vineyards to create a new brand mark that harkened to it’s original but added a new contextual wrapper of engagement. The result is a brand mark that is both industrial and slightly worn; like a logo on an industrial machine over time, it is perfect but slightly off.


When it comes to the labels, textural soil and Japanese rock gardens were instrumental in creating a submissive yet impactful deboss texture behind the logo and wine varietal marks.


To make the Dirt Worshipper stand out, the new label uses an emboss to show the levels of the vine.


Together, the new Denner Vineyards branding and packaging mirror the unified tension between approachability and austerity of the Denner Vineyards wine.


Denner Vineyards


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Denner Vineyards